Grace in Small Things, V. 13

I don’t even know where this week went.  It’s Friday?  And I’ve written…. technically nothing, because the super awesome give-away that went up on Tuesday has been waiting in drafts for weeks.  You should probably go enter.  Go ahead.  I will wait. 



I will have to tell y’all about Los Angeles next week, but it was amazing.   Amazing and exhausting and the most fun ever.  Here’s a little sampler on the night Chels came out with us. 

This basically sums up the night.

2 for 1.  I mean, come on. 

Mr. A picked me up from the airport and we got to spend about 3 seconds together before HE left for four days.  It is crazy how much I have missed him.  Equally crazy is how much I LOVE hearing his voice when he calls at night, instant smiles. 

Alright, that’s my short check-in, now on to Friday GiST:

1.  Mr. A comes home tonight!  Which (obviously) means I couldn’t sleep past 5 this morning…which means I got to work early… which means I get to leave early!!!  Best.  Friday.  Ever.

2.  I love getting to work and having Nora say she’s been waiting to tell me ALL THE THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED SINCE WE LAST SPOKE 12 HOURS AGO.  (That’s panic caps, cause that’s what we feel when we’re not able to share every single thought we have immediately upon having it.)

3.  Having lunch every day this week with one of my dearest friends Jess.  It’s been incredibly lovely to break up the monotony of eating alone in my office with her.  We laugh a lot.

4. Sharing a bottle of wine with Molly and Jenny last night was perfect in every way.  We went to a cute little wine restaurant and sat side-by-side on a couch with a legs tucked under us.  Girl talk is always amazing.  Girl talk with incredible women who inspire you?  Even better. 

5.  Adele. I’ve had her album for a couple of weeks now (thanks internet fairies).  This album is insanely good.  It makes you feel things.  Love love love. 

What’s new with YOU?

Grace in Small Things

  • Today I am flying to LA to see my loves.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love these two…
  • Did I mention I am flying and NOT driving?  Talk about luxurious.  Sipping champagne on the airplane is totally happening.  
  • The power of the family Crab Fettuccine Alfredo.  I made Mr. A dinner last night, and it was so much fun dancing around in the kitchen with him and then watching his reaction as he learned that his girlfriend can totally cook.
  • Big things happening for friends.  Every GChat message or phone call from a friend sharing amazing, exciting, life-changing news has put me over the moon.  They deserve all the good that’s coming to them.  Celebrating with friends is the BEST.
  • Gourmet Dining.  From both ends of the spectrum, Saturday night I had a bowl of goldfish crackers and a glass of milk for dinner.  Monday I had Pizza with truffle mousse.  I mean COME ON.  TRUFFLE MOUSSE?!  I died.
  • Dancing Around with Mr. A.  He spins me to whatever song is on, and I swoon every single time.  

Grace in Small Things: Not-So-Single Edition

I giggled writing that title.  For reals.

Not-so-single, with some SUPER AMAZING benefits. 

  1.  Let me be really clear:  All that romantic, mushy, movie-magic stuff that you’re afraid to believe in?  That shit is real.  Believe it.  Expect it.  Hold out for it. This isn’t just grace in small things, this is grace in HUGE things.  Huge things that you should demand for yourself too.  It’s out there, that’s what I learned this week.  Seriously. 
  2. Letting someone in past your walls can be super intimidating.  Every single thing Mr. A finds out, appears to make him like me more?  Even the dorky stuff and the messy stuff.  It’s freeing.  I feel like I’m falling for someone while simultaneously becoming more free to be exactly who I am.  That doesn’t even make sense but it’s true. 
  3. When you have a bad day?  Sometimes you get to have this super cute guy go to the grocery store for you to pick up things for dinner.  Then he lets you sit and drink wine while he cooks. (Then he makes fun of you for taking a ninja-spy photo and sending it to the internet in about 3 seconds.  He’s getting used to dating a blogger.  Ha.)

Where are you finding grace this week?  Go.  

Grace in Small Things: Single Edition, Vol. 2

I did this last week, and I liked it so here is the second installment.

Yep, still single.  (Can you imagine if I only got to do ONE installment of the single’s edition of GiST before finding myself a man?  WHAT A TRAVESTY that would have been.)  I feel like I have been a little low the past couple of weeks and I am finally back on the upswing.  It feels good.  I feel more like someone I like to be around, which makes it easier to, you know, BE alone.  It’s surprisingly less enjoyable to have alone time when you’re annoying the hell our of your self.  Fact.  Ok.  On to the list:

  • Revolutions are sexy.  Being single means that I get to throw a schindig on Valentines Day inspired by the lovely, bad ass Chelsea.  I was one of the lucky friends who got the original email, and it made me cry.  It also made me put into motion a new way for me and ALL of my lady friends to celebrate how fabulous we all are and the mentality of making OTHER people feel sexy and loved on had changed my mood drastically.  I sent this out the next day:
    • Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Want to go to Vegas with 99 bloggers in May?  Do it.  Want to jump into the process of getting self-hosted and making this blogging thing more real and important?  Go for it.  I don’t have to ask anyone for their permission to do the things that I want to.   I have a ton of amazing people I could ask, but if my gut says go, I get to just GO sometimes.  I am so much less wishy-washy with decisions than I ever have been before.  I am the driver of this life, and I know that this confidence and independence are going to be key to the success of my future relationships.
    • Speaking of future relationships, I had this realization a little bit ago:  Every single day I am single is another day I get stronger, more confident, and just… better.  I am figuring out more about myself ALL THE TIME.  If I met someone tomorrow, that would be GREAT, but if it doesn’t happen for another 6 months?  Another year?  WHATEVER the time frame life is going to deal me.  That’s more time for me to build a solid foundation here in this heart.  I am going to spend that time learning to love myself better– and my relationship will benefit from it in every way. 

    Alright, your turn.  What are YOU grateful for this week?  What’s made you stop and say “wow, my life is pretty awesome I should throw it a party involving a TON of champagne, glitter, and unicorns hula-hooping”?

    Gratitude in Small Things, Week 9

    • Saturday night phone calls with a certain Nora after a bit of sake.  I think it was about 11:30pm her time?  We mostly told each other inappropriate stories and laughed hysterically. (More proof the internet is a place to make real friends)
    • The midnight showing of Harry Potter.  With amazing friends who make me laugh.
    • An amazing job/supervisor.  I spent all yesterday at an all day training learning the ropes of supervising people.  It made me super grateful to have had some of the BEST supervisors in the world.. so I have good people to model myself after.
    • Spending Thanksgiving with Melissa and her family!!!  My family isn’t getting together, which could have sucked… but, like always, my friend family comes through.
    • 42 Days until I have seven people flying here for New Years.  

    What about you?  Hit me with some grace, yo.  Bitches?  Friends?  Shoot.

    Grace in Small Things, Week 8

    • I am OUT of boxes.  Thanks in large part to Clark the most amazing friend ever.  The benefits of him living in the same house as me (technically) are extreme.  I just had to give him so wine and he was perfectly content doing the manual labor.
    • A girls night with lots of wine.  I vaguely remember Stacey jumping into the futon with us and laughing hysterically.  Loud belly laughs.
    • Feeling like an actual writer lately.

    • I love that it’s cold.  I LOVE walking to work with my hat and gloves on.  Perfect music playing.  It’s blissful.
    • Having Thursday off was amazing.  Today feels like a half-day,  A lot of people took the day off and I am content to be plugging away on my projects.

    Where have you found grace this week?

    Grace in Small Things, Week 7

    “If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot. Firstly, what a ridiculous concept. Secondly, if my son is gay, OK. I will love him no less. Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off.”

    • Amazing friends.  Who care about my week.  Who check in with me because they know what I’ve been struggling with.  They tell me to call them instead of him.. and they mean it.
    • I got my camera battery charger back!!  I have been without it since the first weekend in September.. and I feel like I missed out on A HEEP of memories.
    •  Being able to be there for a friend in need, because someone was there for me when I needed it.  
    • The train!  I LOVE THE TRAIN.  I am so much LESS tired when I get home because I can just chill out for a bit on the train.
    • This girl.   We’ve been friends for a year now and I am grateful every single day for her.  She’s hilarious.  She’s real.  She is an absolute joy to go through life with.  And she also send me super encouraging emails like this one:

    I value you. You truly are amazing and wonderful in so many ways. Thank you for being such a fantastic friend to pretty much everyone that you meet. I have learned so much from watching you love people in the unique way that you do.

    All that to say, can I take you out to coffee??!

    Love, Jessica :)

    • As of this month, I can say that I get to meet all of my bloggy besties NEXT MONTH.  Hooray! 
    • Getting such great feedback on my Getting What We Deserve post.  It’s the reason I love to write, because sometimes the things I write for myself are what others need to read too.  To say that feels good, would be an understatement.

    Where have YOU found grace this week?

    Grace in Small Things, Week III

    • Am I allowed to be grateful that this week is over?  I am.  This week was hard.
    • Being reminded that I have fantasical friends who will come over to drink wine and unpack boxes just to remind me that I am not alone.  Ever. 
    • Every.  Single.  Episode.  of.  Archer.  Makes me laugh hysterically.   I had a friend over last night and I wanted him to watch it.  He was skeptical.  He laughed SUPER hard too.  Bitch please.
    • My coworkers.  We had our big gala last night, and the best part was hanging out with my coworkers.  They’re a super fun group of people.  I laughed all night.
    • I have had the most hilarious DM conversations all week with Ashley.  Seriously.  
    • Technology.  When friends are far away and feeling down, I love knowing that we’re connected.  I can send silly pictures.  Text them to say they’re amazing.  Gchat them all day so they never feel alone.
    • Date night with the best guy friend’s girlfriend.   I am super in love with Mel, and I am so happy she’s dating my best guy friend.  And I’m so glad she wants to hang out with me.  
    • Oh, and I am definitely grateful for best guy friend who puts together my couch for me after I have an anxiety attack at small group because my life is in boxes and I can’t walk in my new place and omg I AM DYING.  
    • My new hat from Etsy.  I lurve it.  
    • I am super enjoying my commute time.  Singing in the car, drinking coffee.  It’s actually quite blissful.
    Ok, your turn.  Where have YOU found Grace this week?   

    Grace in Small Things, Week III

    • Any song with violin.  Ever.  It melts me.  Bands like The Decemberists or Wakey!Wakey for example.
    • Dinner dates with cute boys… in my apartment and deciding that we should be just friends.  (And being totally ok with that)
    • Going to Tahoe for a retreat this weekend and how it means ONE more weekend of summer.

    • Nora felt loved on for her birthday 
    • Dinner with the grandparents and getting to take silly pictures with my grandpa.  I love him.
    • Snarky Twitter DM conversations with Ashley.  (What?!  Snark is fun)
    • Conversations with Nico ranging in topic from an hour long boob joke series, to God, to hearts.  It makes me days go by so much faster.
    • Oh, and the It Get’s Better Campaign.  It’s been making me cry for the past couple of days, but it’s encouraging too.  

    Where were you finding your happy this week?

    Grace in Small Things, Week II

    Umm, can we talk about how I hadn’t written this post because I thought it was Thursday?  And as I was looking at Nora’s blog I thought “Weird to do this a day early”, oh hai friday… so anyhow here’s my list.

    • Today is Friday!
    • Tonight is my friend Jessica’s birthday party!!  My contribution?  A four-layer funfetti cake.  That’s love personified.
    • Tomorrow my WHOLE family is going to a wine festival.  There is nothing about that sentence that doesn’t thrill me.
    • There’s a google doc for New Years, which means it’s actually happening.  I cannot WAIT to hug some of these people.  For reals.  
    • I am LOVING watching Netflix on my iPhone.  I’ve been watching Veronica Mars before bed and babysitting has never been more enjoyable.
    • It’s supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow… so while I am wearing my hoodie today, I will be wearing a sundress come tomorrow.  One last jaunt into the sunshine.
    • I love calling my best guy friend Roomie.  It has a nice ring to it.

    What are you looking forward to this weekend?