Whattup March.

February was a BLUR.  I’m not even talking about the whole “February is a short month” thing; February felt like it last three days, tops.  Apparently falling in love speeds up time?  What?  Who said love?  Stop looking at me… 

What’s happening this month?

Beyond a wonderfully exciting wedding this weekend, not a whole lot.

Thank God.

I have been so busy every single night of the week this past month, I am exhausted.  I’m a repeat offender of over-commit-till-you-break-rinse-and-repeat.  It goes a little like this:

I hope to spend March: sleeping, writing, running, snuggling with Mr. A.   Doing more things that I need and/or LOVE to do, and less time doing things that make me feel “meh”.  I want Ashley to come spend a weekend with me drinking wine and dancing to boy bands.  

I can’t wait for the temperatures to warm up and the sun to stay out longer.  I can’t wait to wear dresses and sandals.  I want to smell like sunscreen and ocean.  I am over winter. It doesn’t help that all the stores are busting out that airy, sunshiney, spring time clothes.  Like these from Banana Republic:

I think I need a hat. 

What are you looking forward to in March?

Tuesday Intentions…

Taking a cue from Naturally Nina, I ask YOU what your intentions are today.

Here’s what I have:

  • today I will go to Target for necessities, and won’t buy anything not on my list.
  • today I will go to the gym.
  • today I will stay focused and finish this project while my boss is out of the office.
  • today I will be comfortable in my own skin and happy with my life.
  • today I will not tolerate people who make me feel bad about myself.

What about you guys?

Photo from Cherry Blossom