Weekend Recap.

This weekend was exactly what I needed.

By the time Spencer got home Friday, my apartment was clean and I was in comfy pants on the couch. We played video games while we were on Skype together. The whole distance thing doesn’t seem as bad when we have video game nights.

Saturday I slept in. (I can’t remember the last time I slept in). And I spent the day picking out a kitty with Grams. Meet Mamma Mia:

She is incredibly sweet. And the name is PERFECT. My Grams got an IPod for her birthday in May, and she had me put on three CD’s right away : ABBA Gold, Mamma Mia (The Movie Soundtrack), and Mamma Mia (The Broadway Soundtrack). Really, there was no other name for this sweet cat that just had babies. Mia. I love her markings. She is all white with tabby spots. Love it.

Saturday night I drank tea and read a whole lot of Danny Evan’s book “Rage Against the Meshugenah“. Danny is hilarious, if you don’t read his blog yet– it’s over here.

Sunday, I went to lunch and a movie with Terra. We went and saw “The Proposal”. Was it completely contrived and unoriginal, yes. Did I love it anyhow, yes. Maybe it is because I have a huge, huge crush on Ryan Reynolds. He is TOTALLY in my hot tub.
Tonight I am starting a boot camp with Terra. I am really excited about it. I had so much fun doing my last bootcamp– sharing the pain with 20 other people. This bootcamp is only once a week, and not at the butt crack of dawn. I am particularly excited because I am so much more fit/healthy than last time I did my boot camp. I have lost 15 pounds since then, and have worked out regularly. Hopefully that means I can run a bit longer and faster. :)

Ode to my Kittens.

I should start off by saying that Ryan comes from a super duper Cat Family. My family always had cats… but they were never super awesome great cats or anything. And we were never that attached to them. For the most part, I considered myself a dog person and dreamed of the day I would have an awesome Golden Retriever or Irish Setter.

But oh Ryan’s family. Each person has a special cat that TOTALLY know’s that who they belong to. Right before Ryan and I started dating he gave his dad a kitten for his birthday, her name is Cheesecake. I love the name.

Anyhow. Picking out kittens when we moved in together was a BIG deal. It involved Ryan’s Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and Brother-in-Law driving up to go check out the pound with us. We ALL agreed on kittens– We picked out two oh-so-cute little brothers. They were totally hyper and crazy and we were totally excited. They were two identical brown and white tabbys. We were going to name them Turk and J.D. We were going to name the naughtier of the two Turk so when he got in trouble I could yell TURKELTON! (Does anyone else watch Scrubs?)

Anyhow, so we picked them out and had to wait a few days so they could get neutered. Five days later I got a call saying that sadly, one of the little boys didn’t make it through the procedure, but the other one was ready to go home.

I called Ryan, totally devastated and freaking out. We definitely wanted two kittens, so that they could bond together and love each other. So Ryan told me to pick another one out. BY MYSELF. I was terrified. We had 7 people pick out the original two. How could I pick out one all by myself to be our FOREVER kitten?!?!?!??!?!?

I must have “tested out” 10 kittens that day. Holding them in the little tester room… but none seemed right. Then, I held a little grey tabby who was REALLY sick. She had no personality and no enegry and I was almost going to put her back. But then she reached up with her little paw and gently touched my face and started kissing my face and purring. I was sold.

And this is how we came to have Oliver and Lucy. We have had them for a year and a half. And I love them. Look how little they were!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So so so cute. We forget how little they once were! Oliver is the one on the left, and Lucy is the one on the right. We mostly call Oliver “Yo” and Lucy “Booce”. I think Yo has eyes like Edward in Twilight and Booce has the most beautiful green eyes in the world.

I told you this story to get to two points.

A. Yo is mostly a shit head. He is kind of like a dog, lots and lots of personality. We can put him on a leash and take him to breakfast and he’ll lay under the table. He is not afraid of anything. And he is such an attention whore. He freaks out and meows so loud. Now, the following pictures are what happens when he gets bored. When Yo gets bored you can PHYSICALLY see him try to think of shithead things he can do … like this. Jumping on to the top of the kitchen cabinets and meowing just cause he can.
B. Booce is the biggest cuddle bug in the world and has also gained about a million pounds since we brought her home. She used to be so scared, and now she just want to get pet and stretch out and get her belly rubbed.

Please excuse the no-make up/rag-a-muffin look. It’s just too cute to NOT post.

I hope EVERYONE gets to love something (before babies) this much.