State of Life

Whew!  Things have been a little on the busy side the past couple of weeks and the longer I go without updating, the harder it is to get writing again.  So today’s post is brought to you by the bullet point.

  • Mr. A and I moved into our new place 2 weeks ago.  We had the best help ever from friends.  I was basically not allowed to lift anything heavier than a broom….  we already have things on the wall and it feels like home.  I still can’t get over how much SPACE we have.  I have been in such tiny little places the past few years; having two full bedrooms, a dining room, and a long hallway feels very luxurious.  It’s also AMAZING to have a baby’s room.  Where baby will go.  Cause we’re having a baby.
  • We spent the first week snuggled on the couch without internet or cable watching Gilmore Girls.  It was his first time watching it, and he is OBSESSED now.  We’re well into the 2nd season already.  Mr. A says he better understands my snarky banter after watching it.
This is a face of joy as I finally get to brulee with a TORCH.
  • Last weekend was my bridal shower.  It was amazing and beautiful. (We each got to brulée or own Creme Brulée!)  My bestie was in town and so were Mr. A’s parents.  I basically love his parents to death, I am definitely getting lucky on the in-law front.  Bonus: His parents got along swimmingly with my family.  This is going to make life way more enjoyable (not that I thought they wouldn’t get along).
  • We are getting married in NINE days.  Nine.  Nine days.  Single digit.  I have all the things I need, and I am so freaking excited to marry him.
  • Baby has a new due date!  11/11/11 which means I am currently 14w5d.  I also started taking Gummy Prenatal Vitamins instead of normal ones, and my life just got way more happy.

    Totes an adult guys.
  • I got an email this morning that it was time to check-in to my flight for Vegas.  I might be 100% regretting my decision to sit this one out.  I am totally going to BiSC next year, and I’ll bring baby too.

Ok, so I think I want to open the floor up for questions. What do you guys want to know about that I haven’t talked enough about? Suggested topics: Mr. A, pregnancy, wedding, my thoughts on The Voice, my opinion of the season finale of Vampire Diaries, my favorite color.

Grace in Small Things, Week I.

Did you know I have a blog bestie?  Her name’s Nora.  She’s basically the most amazing woman on the planet and she’s doing the Grace in Small Things Series and I’m hopping on board. 

There are two reasons I am ALL about this kind of list.   For starters, post break-up 2009 I made a list of five things every night before I went to sleep that I was grateful for.  Those two months might have been the hardest two months of my life.  And sometimes those lists were the ONLY thing that could stop me from crying.  The only thing that gave me any hope at all that I would one day stop hurting as much as I was.  It was excruciating, soul-crushing, cry-out-in-agony pain… and grace got me through.

Second, did you know that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to simultaneously feel fear and gratitude?  It’s true.  When you start getting freaked out, feeling anxious about the future– about things that you honestly have no control over anyhow, try making a list of things you’re grateful for.  It lets the light in.  

*Have I mentioned how much I LOVE my bed?  I have the softest sheets and the most comfy mattress ever.  I am a valuer of sleep, and I sigh with relief every night I get to crawl into bed.

*Did you know I get crushes a lot?  That’s GREAT.  Would you like to know why?  1.  It means that my heart is open, that’s pretty fantastic news.  2.  There are CONSTANTLY new boys around me.  Cute ones!  How can I complain about that?

* I love that I have friends who checked in on my as I was recouping from my pinched nerve this week.  So grateful. 

*Last year when I moved, my poor brother and Clarke moved in EVERYTHING.  This year?  There are troops to rally, and a whole lot of fantastic friends who are without-hesitation going to be there to help me move.

*I can’t wait for my internet loves to come here for New Years.  I know I mentioned we’ll be making forts.  But we’re also going to wear ball gowns.  True story.

*I love that my TV shows have started.  I LOVE Parenthood and keep wanting to tell people “I hear you. I see you.”  But they won’t get it. 

Where did YOU find grace this past week?

Moving Day!

“Moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard.” – Dave Mustaine

The day is here. And by the time you read this, my apartment will be empty and I will be in a Uhaul driving in the slow lane to my new home, new life, new HDTV.

My internet is being installed Saturday. I start work on Monday. Life is crazy. Life is crazy awesome.

Have a FANTASTICAL weekend everyone!

The Craziest 24 Hours Ever.

In 24 hours I….

  • got a job. An amazing job. Some might say the PERFECT job.
  • got so excited to get the job offer, I didn’t actually wait for the offer before asking when I start.
  • drove to the bay area.
  • found an apartment.
  • went to my new office and got my job offer letter.
  • found out that I get a FREAKING office. With a door.
  • Went to Borders to search for books that will teach me to act like I deserve to be in a freaking office with a door.
  • Finalized apartment. Will move in exactly two weeks.

So the apartment. My Grams and I had looked at it three weeks ago, but it was already claimed by someone. So this complex was not even on our list. But we stopped by an apartment on our search and called the office: which just happened to be the same management company. They told me they had one apartment that JUST became re-available in the complex we had loved three weeks ago!

That apartment is now my apartment.

Such destiny.

Here’s the floorplan. It is technically a “Junior One Bedroom” because the zig-zaggy looking thing is an accordion door that can completely close off. It has a really big patio. And will be the perfect amount of space for little me and Oliver and Lucy.
Here are some pictures of a similar floor plan, but decorated. I want to think of something cool to do with the open shelving….

I am SO excited. I have so much to do in the next 2 weeks. I am excited and nervous, and I can’t wait to get going on this part of my life!!