10 weeks.

I am struggling guys.  Last week I felt so great, I thought my nausea was on its way out…. it came back with vengeance on Saturday.  Being sick all the time is starting to wear on my sunny disposition.  I feel cranky and tired.  I don’t feel like savoring this time, I want a freaking fast forward button.

And when I’m cranky I don’t want to write, I want to burrow in a pillow and sleep until it passes.

Until then, here are some adorable pictures of Mr. A and me from this past weekend.  We went on a little romantic get-a-way up the coast.  It was perfect.  I love him.


Ice Cream Cone have sounded amazing.
Beautiful Beautiful Ocean
Walking in the headlands


Mr. A and the llamas

More Life Lesson Learning.

Some life lessons come easier than others.  I didn’t have to touch a stove top to know that it would burn me.  I didn’t need to text crack to know it is whack.  I, however, take a bit longer with toxic relationships.  I let the cycle repeat.  Things are great, things are not great, we fight, we don’t talk, I tell myself I’m done, he calls, he texts, he doesn’t take no for an answer, and I let him in again, and things are great again– until they’re not.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Don’t tell your friends you fell for it, again.  This time is going to be different.  This time I made a list (!!!).  A reminder of why we’re not good together.  Why it doesn’t work.  And I’m going to share it with my friends.  I’m going to read it over and over again.  Until I’m over it.  Over you.  Us.  The things I depend on you for that I shouldn’t.  (Validation should come from within, no?)  This time I’m for real, yo.  I’ve been burned enough.  This lesson has been learned.

And then, I filled my weekend with awesome.

Friday was family dinner.  Giggling and eating with the best guy friend, his girlfriend, and others. 

Saturday was full of costume changes, social functions, and friends.
Stanford Football, Birthday Party, Babysitting, Mission vs. Marina Party.

There was a moment at the game, while the rain was falling and I was surrounded by friends, eating a pretzel– that I just wanted to freeze forever.  I am SO lucky to have found this group of people to hang out with.  We danced.  We cheered.  We danced some more.  No one even noticed the rain.

After the party Saturday night, I was sitting on my couch and received an influx of visitors (at 3am).  Clarke, Mel, E, The Dog.  Piled into my apartment to say hi.  Eat quesadillas.  Watch a little hilarious television.  It was just perfect.

So much perfect.

What was perfect about your weekend?

Things I did in LA.

It was a blast, obviously, any time I get to spend my days with Jimmie and Anthony are good.  We did LA things: like shopping, brunches, fancy dinners out, and going out in West Hollywood (to a Glee part no less!). 

I had been joking that if I didn’t see someone famous I would stop coming, because Jimmie and Anthony regularly see amazingly famous people.  Luckily for them, we were out at a new lounge called East in Hollywood. 

It was absolutely beautiful and while we were having cocktails, in walked Adam Levine.  Now, I know some of you may not really know who he is, but he’s the lead singer of my all time favorite band Maroon 5.

Let’s face it, he way hot.

Now, not only did he come in with his friends, they sat at the table next to ours for 30 minutes.  Which means I was unable to hold a conversation with anyone for 30 minutes, cause I couldn’t get my brain to work with such sexiness so close to me.


Rita Hayworth gave great face.

I had an AMAZING time in LA and while I would love to tell you all about it.  It is going to have to wait until tomorrow so I can catch up on le emails at the office.  (Abridged version includes: Glee Party, Adam Levine, and a guy with “I eat pussy” tattooed about his lips re-piercing my nose when I just wanted to change the stud).  One of my closest friends here in the bay area was on a trip to Southern California too, so instead of calling each other were sent pictures of ourselves doing fun things.  It’s actually a pretty accurate representation of the weekend.

San Diego Zoo Monkey face
Stuck in traffic face.

Josh is having hummus for dinner face.

Bri is eating goldfish for dinner face.
 Beach Volleyball faces.
Free coffee face.
So many dead bugs on my windshield face.
Finally here and having a drink face.
Too early to be awake face.
Long boarding in So Cal face.
I used to teach in this lecture hall face.
Bri says funny things face.
Huge margarita face.
Starbucks for the 4th time this trip face.
Mimosa face.
Riding dirt bike face.
12 people at brunch face.
Anthony thinks about adopting the jumper trend face.
Back seat face.
Going to fancy dinner face.
Driving home with Justin Bieber face.

Weekend of Love, Joy, and Penises.

Friday after work, I hopped on BART and headed to Oakland to see Olivia. This time was especially wonderful because Jess came too. It was going to be a blast. We could feel it.

We went to a place called Mua in Oakland. It used to be an artist’s studio, until he converted it into a lounge. I loved it. The food was amazing. The drinks were tasty. It was glorious.

Saturday, we headed to BART so Jess could get to her hair appointment and Olivia and I could meet up with a friend in the Castro for lunch.

This is Olivia teaching Jess how she taught her kids X-axis… it’s “throwing bows” (like elBOWS). They’re, like, the hugest teaching nerds of all time.

This is Frankie, I love him. Those are our huge chocolate covered macaroons, that are shaped like huge penises… which, makes sense seeing as were in the Castro. duh.

Saturday night I rushed to Terra’s to head to see Legally Blonde.

It was AWFUL. (In my opinion) I can manage a whole host of problems in musical theater. I sat through a community theater version of High School Musical 2, where instead of Zac Efron we had a 30-year old asian man. But this was just TOO bad. They took all the good parts (you know, like the moral of the story) out of the show. The songs were horrendous. Ugh. No joke, we left at intermission. I hear that some people like it… I was just not one of ’em.

Summer will be nice.

I am not always the most spontaneous of people. For “events” I over plan; make lists, stress over details. But on the weekend I am perfectly happy with an array of clothing in my trunk so that I can go where the wind takes me.

Sunday the wind took us to Half Moon Bay to the beach. It was freezing and cold, but it was also beautiful and peaceful. Coming from San Diego I should probably like the beach more than I do. I am just not a “lay out all day” kind of person. I get bored. I get sunburned. I get sand in my bum (Don’t act like that’s just me).

I like colder days in a sweatshirt at the beach. I like walking and chasing the waves.

This life is amazing.

Football on the beach, until our hands froze.

A San Francisco type of weekend.

My bestie came to San Francisco for the weekend, and it was amazing.

This was the first time Erin has been up here since I moved here 8 months ago and I was really excited for her to meet my friends and to just be with her. Friday night, 10 of us went out in Palo Alto to a sushi place for sake bombs.

To do sake bombs here you stand on your chairs and they turn off all the lights turn on the disco balls and the fog machines. It’s quite the spectacle.

Saturday, Erin and I went to the city and did touristy things, including a quintessential San Francisco lunch consisting of clam chowder and crab. Then we rented bikes and bikes across the Golden Gate Bridge. Way fun.

By the time Erin left, her trip included airplanes, cars, trains, trolleys, bikes, and ferries. It was amazing.

Erin has been my best friend since middle school and I love when we get to get together. It’s a reminder that people grow up and change, but where you come from is unifying. It takes about two seconds for Erin and I to start talking in incomplete sentences, because we know what we’re going to say long before the sentence is complete. I am lucky to have her.

Some days are just perfect..

Sunday was a beautiful day.

The sun was out, a sweater was not required.

After church, we walked out of the sanctuary into the warm sun, and I exclaimed “Have you noticed these squares are PERFECT for four-square?!”

We walked to lunch, bought a ball at a toy store, picked up ice cream cones, and played four-square for two hours on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Cupid Hits the Slopes Recap

I had so much freaking fun this weekend.

I have the bestest friends in the world.
Some of us were REALLY excited to spend a weekend away.

I am a “natural” at skiing. It was a blast, but I can’t walk normally after a day of snowplowing my way down a mountain. (I only feel twice, once into a “Slow Down” sign)
Wait. Your guy friends don’t insist on being shirtless all the time too?

Valentines Day was especially awesome. There was a group of us who opted to not ski on Sunday. So we frolicked around and had one of the best Valentines Days ever.

We went and toured fancy condos with the FUNNIEST salesman ever. Who kept name dropping and telling us things about his clients that he probably shouldn’t. (Like, I know there is a dentist is a particular town with a germaphobic wife). Nick is surpisingly good at bull shitting. And when he mentioned what major company he works for and the sales man was all “Oh yeah! is one of my clients. He just bought a condo for 1.2 million.” Nick responded “Yeah, that’s what he told me”. Nick has never met the man, ever.

Guess who I am taking if I need to buy a new car. The Negotiator himself.
If I ever do internet dating, this will be my profile pic.
Hi, my name is Bri. I like reading, marshmallows, and long walks on the beach.

We went to Chinese for lunch, and picked this place because it had a Buddg

Bri: what’s the spiciest thing on the lunch menu?
Waiter: we can make anything spicy. Well, the chili chicken is spicy. It’ll make your ass burn! (I stare in disbelief that he just said ass burn) I mean, it’ll make your mouth burn!
Bri (to waiter): what’s your name?
Waiter: Wen, like who, why, when. Or like, when your ass on fire!
Bri: can we take a picture with you?
Wen: oh s**t!
Bri: please? You owe me!
Wen: I don’t owe you crap!

Bri’s fortune: A new relationship is about to blossom. You will be blessed.
Nick: Is Wen writing these?!

Then it was home for cooking dinner. I made Pasta Carbonera and it was so much fun to have a big family dinner, complete with a rap session. Then it was beer pong time, which included every team wearing special “flair” for good luck.

I believe this is when i tore my stitches. Jess and my strategy was to dance in between rounds.

The power of women…

It’s not a secret that us girls have a knack for building community.

We don’t need to be in the same state to know without a doubt we are soul sisters.

A community of bloggers (ok, not all girls) get together and decide to Love Harder.

C.S. Lewis writes that you know you found a friend when you meet and say “What, you too?”. The ability for women to bond over common strands of history; is so powerful and unique.

I spent this past weekend in Asilomar at Women’s Retreat for church.

It was insanely beautiful. It was intensely Godly and full of really important things for me to think about. But more? It was a reminder of the power of the community us girls are able to build together.

We talked about life. We are all trying to figure it out. We laughed a lot.

And by a lot, I mean giggles during service….. opps.

My group of friends? Very coed. Just as many boys as girls. The boys are just as prone to dress up for our outings.
Exhibit A: Stanky Leg.

Exhibit B: A typical night watching Jersey Shore

As much fun as I have every time we ALL get together, there was something very comforting and wonderful about spending the weekend with just the girls. We could just be girls. We could talk about the things that we can’t talk about with boys around. It was just, peaceful. A perfect reminder of the perfect way us girls can be together.