Friends with Talent.

It’s nice to have friends.

It’s especially nice to have REALLY talented friends.

My non-profit is having our huge Leadership Gala tonight at a winery, and we were running a bit low on donations so I sent out a plea on twitter; and Ashley responded with more generosity and awesomeness then I ever could have hoped.

She sent this:

It’s insanely beautiful and people in the office are already fighting over it. 

So, if you have a moment you should check out her etsy site: Spectacular Pieces

Christmas is coming you know, it’s probably the best gift idea ever; in this case “probably” means “without a doubt”.

(And Ashley, you’re amazing, talented, and the absolute best.  Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it, so I plan on squishing you with hugs and love when you get here for New Years.)

Rita Hayworth gave great face.

I had an AMAZING time in LA and while I would love to tell you all about it.  It is going to have to wait until tomorrow so I can catch up on le emails at the office.  (Abridged version includes: Glee Party, Adam Levine, and a guy with “I eat pussy” tattooed about his lips re-piercing my nose when I just wanted to change the stud).  One of my closest friends here in the bay area was on a trip to Southern California too, so instead of calling each other were sent pictures of ourselves doing fun things.  It’s actually a pretty accurate representation of the weekend.

San Diego Zoo Monkey face
Stuck in traffic face.

Josh is having hummus for dinner face.

Bri is eating goldfish for dinner face.
 Beach Volleyball faces.
Free coffee face.
So many dead bugs on my windshield face.
Finally here and having a drink face.
Too early to be awake face.
Long boarding in So Cal face.
I used to teach in this lecture hall face.
Bri says funny things face.
Huge margarita face.
Starbucks for the 4th time this trip face.
Mimosa face.
Riding dirt bike face.
12 people at brunch face.
Anthony thinks about adopting the jumper trend face.
Back seat face.
Going to fancy dinner face.
Driving home with Justin Bieber face.

Shamrock Ball

Friday night I was lucky enough to get asked to take pictures at the Shamrock Ball in San Francisco. It was SO much fun. My friend Terra (the wedding photographer) was going to do it, but her fiance was the organizer of the event and wanted her to be able to attend the party- not work it.

The best part was getting people to not do stiff poses. They would stand there and smile and I would say something ridiculous and they would laugh… the pictures of them laughing were ALWAYS better than their forced smiles.

Take a look!

Also that night, I got asked out!! There was a band, and a cute guy. We smiled at each other most of the night, and made a couple of passing comments throughout the night– but then he came up at the end of the night and asked “Would you like to have coffee sometime?” Why yes. Yes I would.

Summer will be nice.

I am not always the most spontaneous of people. For “events” I over plan; make lists, stress over details. But on the weekend I am perfectly happy with an array of clothing in my trunk so that I can go where the wind takes me.

Sunday the wind took us to Half Moon Bay to the beach. It was freezing and cold, but it was also beautiful and peaceful. Coming from San Diego I should probably like the beach more than I do. I am just not a “lay out all day” kind of person. I get bored. I get sunburned. I get sand in my bum (Don’t act like that’s just me).

I like colder days in a sweatshirt at the beach. I like walking and chasing the waves.

This life is amazing.

Football on the beach, until our hands froze.

Best of 2009- Best Laugh

Oh boy. Biggest belly laugh? I laughed a lot this year. I was lucky enough to laugh a lot this year.

I laughed hysterically at Jimmie’s birthday party in Hollywood. I remember telling Anthony I couldn’t breath and he said “Bri, if you couldn’t breathe, you’d be dead”. Thanks Anthony. A lot.
I laughed in Sausalito during Olivia and my annual “Soul Weekend”.
But recently, I laughed when my best friend sent me the following to illustrate what she meant by having her bridesmaids in different styles of dress but the same color. Which one to chose now….
This year it has become ever more apparent that laughter is best shared with someone. Laughing alone… never becomes a belly laugh. You might chuckle. Feel amused, but not unless you’re with someone to share the laughter with does it ever elevate to a belly laugh.

OMG Yay.

A few weeks ago I went and shot a wedding with my wonderfully talented friend Terra. She’s amazing. And she asked me to be her 2nd shooter, and I was SO freaking nervous!!!! I was so afraid I would miss some important detail or, forget to take the lens cap off. She just finished the editing, and the pictures are AMAZING. Mostly hers, obviously, but all the “guy getting ready shots”, “detail shots”, and a lot of the dancing pics were from my camera! Yay! Terra is such a talented photographer. I can’t wait to do it again!!!

Here’s a link to the wedding pics!!!

Pictures from the Weekend!

As promised here are some pictures from the weekend:

We started the day right, and by “right” I mean “with ample amounts of coffee”

Food Festival Craziness…

Starving at a food festival faces..


It was such a beautiful day for a walk…

Walking with Terra is amazing, cause she like wandering into shops too…

View from “Gay Beach”, Dolores Park

Clarion Alley- Mission District

Off to Olivia’s…

Wine is ESSENTIAL to a Saturday night at Olivia’s.

Pictures from Comic Con.. a.k.a. The Classiest Night of our Lives.

Here are some pictures that Melissa took of Comic Con… there is nothing really Comic Con related in the photos….. it was more of just an excuse to take pictures of each other. Luckily these pictures made it through the weekend. Melissa left her camera in the cab on the way back from the bars… and I am convinced it is because she was classy enough to throw up out the window and not in the cab that prompted the cabbie to track her down the following week to return all of her belongings.