Happy Friday

An elderly couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spotted a piano. They’ve been married for 62 years and he’ll be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance.

We are only as old as we feel, it’s all attitude. Enjoy! They certainly do.

Thesis Hole of Doom.

My paper is done tomorrow.  My internet has been disabled most of the days, so I havent’ read any blogs and I wasn’t planning on posting today….

but then I came across this gem, and I wanted to share.  
It made me laugh out loud.
Hope you feel the same.  :)

So excited.

So, some news. Today I got an email in response to a job posting I replied to. I almost squealed in class. The job will probably not work out, because they’re looking for someone to start now and I wouldn’t be able to start for a month and a half. But maybe my enthusiasm will change their minds? Either way, getting the response is super encouraging. It would be such a great job! It pays enough for me to live comfortable, its a non-profit, AND in the same town I was born and where my grandparents live. Wow.

Secondly, I would like to share the following movie preview. It is no secret that I love Alexis Bledel of Gilmore Girl fame. The movie is called “Post Grad Survival Guide”. Can’t wait to see it!

Something really cool!

So, I found this website and I think it’s pretty amazing.

It’s called MyShape. And it’s a clothing website that has a bunch of brands and stuff. It helps you find clothes that FIT and FLATTER you.

All you have to do is input your measurements and answer some questions about the kind of clothes, color palettes you like (I’m a fall), and styles you like (like classic, romantic, trendy, etc) and it recommends a whole bunch of clothes and outfits that will fit you and flatter you.

“A member’s profile consists of her measurements, shape and preferences. Your measurements determine your body shape (M, Y, S, H, A, P, E) as well as the fit of the clothing. Preferences include things such as how you like to wear your clothes, what type of clothing you like and what types of fabrics you prefer.”

I am an M. M’s are: Women with gently defined figures, subtle waistlines and graduated, elongated curves.

  • Proportionate Shoulders, Bust & Hips
  • Often a Straight Shoulder Line
  • Defined Waist
  • Curvy or Rounded Bottom

I then tell it things like I don’t like to wear strapless tops or dresses (the girls are too big). And it builds me my “Personal Shop” filled with clothes that I like and will fit.

AND the coolest thing, is that you can set it so that you don’t have to pick your size, there is an option for your size to get picked FOR you. No more guessing. And you cannot go wrong picking something from your shop, because they were picked KNOWING your measurements.

OH! And they have a “build your own jeans” option. And they have lots of cute jewelery and bags and such.

This is what I ordered. And the first order after creating your personal shop is 15% off!
Isn’t it cute?!

They also have really cute outfits. I really really like this outfit, the coral accents are so cute!

Go check it out, and tell me what you think!

Quick Story

  • Last night I went to a Mardi Gras dinner at The Melting Pot with the Young Alum group for my sorority. It was the first thing I’ve been to since graduating from college with the Alum group. It was so much fun! I am really missing having girl friends, and sorority sisters are the best way to do it right? One of the girls is a grad student here too and she was really nice, and we’re totally going to see Twilight together on Saturday. I am really looking forward to doing more with the group. (BTW I am a Sigma Kappa) Oh, and it cracked me up when we got together for a group photo. Only sorority girls can organize themselves in two seconds for the perfect group shot; including the sorority girl dip.
  • I am finishing my first draft of my 2nd year paper today. I realize I have been calling it a thesis, and technically its not. A thesis is way longer. The 2nd year paper is the same premise but you’re supposed to be able to get it published. The draft today is my first full draft. It will be far from perfect, but I am on the right track!
  • Today is Ash Wednesday. I have been thinking of what to give up and all I can think about is what I am SO NOT giving up: like coffee. So, I am thinking sweets- cookies, candy, etc. What are you guys giving up?! I am looking forward to the Ash Wednesday service tonight…. gives me a reason to shower. (Kidding!)
  • Yesterday I did the 30-Day shred video. And my inner butt is REALLY sore. Ryan doesn’t understand what the inner butt is, and trying to explain it just sent me into fits of giggles “You know, it’s like your butt but deeper. Like by the bone.?”

  • My roomba vacuums while I drink coffee and read blogs. It is the greatest invention EVER.

The Oscars.

I wasn’t planning on writing about the Oscar’s tonight, but I absolutely loved what they did for the supporting actresses. Having five past winners give such a beautiful introduction to this year’s nominees gave me chills. (Even if Goldie Hawn was a hot mess).

So let’s try some live blogging, shall we?

I didn’t blog the opening number— and I think Hugh Jackman is ten types of lame.

5:48 I love Penelope Cruz. I feel like she’s a beautiful person, I would totally want to be her friend. Her and Kate Winslet. Kate is probably my favorite actress right now.

The acceptance speech from the writer of Milk, totally made me tear. What an inspiration!!

Anyways… I am over that. I had a really great weekend, and my house is clean. Which kind of ups this to an IDEAL weekend.

Friday I went down and and hung out with Ryan’s parents. We went for happy hour, and we may have had a little bit to much to drink… there was a couple of pitchers of margaritas, and there may have been a shot of tequila (I was always taught- Pick a Theme!!!). Then we walked around the shopping center to sober up a bit… and this is what happened:
Nice, no?
Then, on Saturday I went and dog sat. I volunteer with a greyhound rescue group, and there was a little girl dog that just got here from a big trek from Oklahoma. And because the adoption coordinators were going to an event they had me come hang out with her because she earned some down time. She is the sweetest little thing. Greyhounds are really cool dogs if you don’t know already. They are trained and raced until they’re about four or five– and without rescue groups they would be abandoned. So, we get the dogs straight from the track– and they have never known anything BUT the track. They have never seen another kind of dog. Or seen their reflection is a mirror. Played at all. Gone up stairs. Slept in a warm bed… Se that’s what we do. We teach them, and they’re VERY fast learners, so that they can be adopted into forever homes!

We were fostering a dog named Magic, and it was so cool. First of all, greyhounds are the closest thing to a cat in the dog world. They are huge couch potatoes, and would rather sleep than do basically anything. Magic was totally fine in our little apartment– he had is bed and that’s where he was. And they are very very lovey. They get attached really quickly and then its even hard for someone else to walk your grey– because they just want to be near their mommy or daddy. Ryan and I want to get a greyhound someday. And it was nice to get to cuddle one on Saturday.

Today was church, and cleaning, and a nap, and grocery shoppin‘. There is a menu this week– I swear. Last week there wasn’t. I bought frozen things– cause I was just NOT feeling the whole planning thing. So, that’ll be tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!!

BTW the musical montage on the Oscars was gross. I was not a fan.


I wrote ten pages of a literature review and sent it to my adviser!

I am now getting dressed and going to hang out with Ryan’s fam. It was the whole reason I felt motivated to bust a move and get writing this morning!!

Hope everyone has a marvelous weekend!!!

BTW: My cats are basically models.

Steps to AWESOME.

Ryan left for the evening, expecting me to be slaving away at the computer working on thesis stuff.

But in reality… I kissed him goodbye and watched him drive away AND I took the night off. And I did it in a way that I only get to do when I am home alone.

Steps to A PERFECT night in.

Step 1. Comfy pants.

Step 2. Bra off.

Step 3. Bacardi Pomegranate MojitoStep 4. The crucial step. Watch a horridly awful Disney original movie, or similar made-for-tv business.

Tonight’s winner: Another Cinderella Story.

I LOVE horrible teen movies. I loved the Disney channel when I was in high school. I watched WAY to much Lizzie Maguire for my age… but whatevs.

Oh and BOY was it good. I spent my entire high school life having sleepovers with my best friends every month when there was a Disney Original Movie Premiere. We watched some quality television- “Luck of the Irish” “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century”?!!

This was along the same lines… but I got to drink booze while watching this time– which was exponentially better BTW. It did make me miss my best friends though!!

The movie was especially good, cause Andrew Seeley is SUPER CUTE! And Selena Gomez was super cute too.

All I am saying is that he is NOT unattractive.

Hope everyone had a wonderful evening too!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t help myself…

You know how Amazon has their “Lightening Deals”? Well, this was the lighting deal at 2 pm today. I quickly emailed Ryan and asked him if I could/should get it. It was 40% off!!!

I waited.

I waited as the deals were being claimed.

The little bar was filling.

Still no word. In fact, I STILL haven’t heard back.

I had to act. I clicked the button.

And now I have to create some space for our new little man.


Isn’t he cute? I am trying to think of a name for him. Any suggestions?




Give me some suggestions!!! (I need a label maker so I can put his name tag on when he gets home!)

(Edited to Add: Ryan suggested Minkus (ala Boy Meets World). I like it.

My love for lists….

I have been feeling really off this year. Too much to do, and I have not been as good at organizing these things. So last night I made a list, and I feel so much better already. I used to make lists all the time for what was on my “To-Do” list, and I got out of the habit of it. I like mapping out my day and then feeling really accomplished when its done! In college I thrived on being really busy, it made me SO productive. And now, I have been really busy, but without planning I end up being NOT productive and getting annoyed with myself. Here is an example of what I am doing today…

  • Coffee and Menu Plan for the Week.
  • Clean House (10-12)
  • Shower and such (12-12:30)
  • Errands- Target for Non-Socks and then both grocery stores (Albertsons and Trader Joes) (12:30-2)
  • Do work for minimum of four hours (My thesis is FREAKING me out) (2:30-6:30)
  • Bathtime (7:30)

In other news, I had to go buy new shoes yesterday. My comfy work heels are dying. I have had them for four year, and after many heel replacements I think it was time for them to retire. I also needed some black flats. Here’s what I got from Macys last night.

These Marc Fisher pumps! Love love love.

These BCBGirls “Dinia” flats: