Mama Needs a Brand New Wardrobe

Until my clothes fit again I have been trying to selectively pick out some super awesome tops that I can wear to work that are forgiving on my middle region.

I had heard about Stylemint, but was kind of apprehensive because the shirts are designed by Mary Kate and Ashley.. and I do not even kind of look like them…and sometimes I think they (or one of them?) looks a little homeless.  No offense.

BUT the cool thing about Stylemint is that you answer questions about your style then YOU get to browse through shirts that fit your style.  Everything is 29.99.

After you order your first one, you’ll get an email every month with new style suggestions.  You can either pick one, or decide not to get a shirt that month.   It’s like a shirt birchbox that you get complete control of.  Then you get some styling pointers and you are off!

This is the shirt I picked out for myself:

What do you think?


The one where I buy everything in Anthropologie.

I have this friend. A friend I love dearly, but Melissa is VERY dangerous to shop with. Typical conversations include:

Me: OMG, I have wanted a leather jacket forever.
Melissa: GET ONE!

Me: That sweater is ridiculously cute.
Melissa: Totally get it!

Me: These t-shirts are kind of expensive for being t-shirts, but they’re kind of cute.
Melissa: OH MY GOD, if you do not buy that t-shirt in at least 3 colors I will CUT YOU.

That’s right people, my life was threatened. So I bought some t-shirts.

Here are some of my purchases from this weekend, a tour including the Nordstrom sale on Friday and shopping in the city on Saturday. (Oh, and let me include that Melissa has a sister who works at Anthropologie–> so I got a HUGE discount there and at Urban Outfitters.) (Another side note: I have lost a size in pants and shirts, which is awesome but has been used as an excuse for some new clothing items!)

My favorite new thing is this cardigan.
I got some super flattering v-necks from Urban and Gap

These are SERIOUSLY the softest shirts in the world.

Spencer has a thing for boots. So I let him pick some for me to get at the Nordstrom sale. He picked these:

Which I pair with these glorious jeans:
And I totally got the most bad ass ring ever:

How was YOUR weekend!?

What if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I have to get back into the routine of regularly posting. I feel so disconnected!!

Good Morning! So, let’s see. I have been great. Adjusting, living, laughing, etc.

I went to the Junior League open house last week, and it was AMAZING. I think that there are chapters that are more “traditional”. And by traditional, I mean that most of the women in the league would be not working outside the home. I like to call them “Women Who Lunch”. And obviously there is nothing wrong with that, it is just not me. But here in the bay area, with things SO expensive…. most women do work. And not just work, they’re damn successful. For example, I talked with one woman, who was just super cute– and she has a 2-year old son, and is married to a doctor. Well, she’s also a doctor. An oncologist and an extremely prestigious hospital here, actually. The entire event was just an affirmation of the amazing things women can do. Anyhow, I am really excited to get going and get active.

The most exciting person I met was Terra!! Go look at her photography blog… she’s incredibly talented! Not only in she talented, but she’s basically my soul mate. We hit it off right away and promptly decided we would be hanging out all the time :). So on Friday, we went to a wine bar, and had a champagne flight– which was amazing.
and then on Saturday night, we went to the greatest karaoke bar, ever. Like, so good, when we walked in Terra thought the radio was on and almost bumped into the guy who was singing. I had so much fun– drank a little too much…. but it was amazing.

I am so incredibly grateful to have found a friend here!!! And she’s HILARIOUS. We laughed like we had known each other for YEARS, right away.

In other news, next weekend, I am going to Hollywood for 4th of July to hang out with Spencer! I am way excited, it’s been super annoying to talk all the time and not see him. We are going to a fancy soiree on Saturday night, so I ordered THIS, it should be here tomorrow.
(Edited to add: This dress is from Banana Republic!!!)
Have a great Monday ya’ll!

Monday Funday!

I am sure that you guys understand my lack of posting… or at least I hope you do. I have my internet and such, but I honestly have not had a lot of time to just sit yet!!!

I am almost COMPLETELY done with fixing up the apartment. I just need to find a dining room set…. and then I will show you all some pictures. Here is the new couch that was delivered on Friday and is so freaking comfy I could cry. It is bigger than just a love seat. I can comfortably say across it, which was mandatory for naps.

So, for the most part I am loving being up here. It’s absolutely beautiful, and I really love being near my family again. But there are some things that are just really hard! Obviously, there’s some residual break up things that are compounded by having no friends in the new town… I went grocery shopping Saturday night, and then called my bestie and started crying out of nowhere. Totally bizarre. I have been keeping the upbeat positive thing going, and apparently I was suppressing some loneliness I was feeling.

I was talking to another friend who has gone through a break up and we were talking about how there are just some really little things that just knock the wind out of you while your seemingly doing fine. Grocery shopping was just one of those things I guess. Those of you who have read my blog pre-break up know that I was super in to cooking. I menu-planned and cooked 4/5 nights a week. I loved new recipes. I loved cooking.

I have not cooked anything since the break up. I just haven’t seen the point. I know that I will cook again, but right now it is just a glaring reminder that I am alone.

But I swear most of the time I am doing great.

I got to spend Father’s Day with my dad for the first time since I was 11. Granted he made me watch freaking NASCAR, but it was nice to be able to be there for him!

Oh! and my Grams was super great and wonderful and took me shopping on Saturday!!! I got some really really cute stuff.

For example, some Khaki’s from Gap
An super cute top from Nordstoms:
And this one from Banana:

(Like how I sandwiched the heavy stuff by pictures?! Good.)

Something really cool!

So, I found this website and I think it’s pretty amazing.

It’s called MyShape. And it’s a clothing website that has a bunch of brands and stuff. It helps you find clothes that FIT and FLATTER you.

All you have to do is input your measurements and answer some questions about the kind of clothes, color palettes you like (I’m a fall), and styles you like (like classic, romantic, trendy, etc) and it recommends a whole bunch of clothes and outfits that will fit you and flatter you.

“A member’s profile consists of her measurements, shape and preferences. Your measurements determine your body shape (M, Y, S, H, A, P, E) as well as the fit of the clothing. Preferences include things such as how you like to wear your clothes, what type of clothing you like and what types of fabrics you prefer.”

I am an M. M’s are: Women with gently defined figures, subtle waistlines and graduated, elongated curves.

  • Proportionate Shoulders, Bust & Hips
  • Often a Straight Shoulder Line
  • Defined Waist
  • Curvy or Rounded Bottom

I then tell it things like I don’t like to wear strapless tops or dresses (the girls are too big). And it builds me my “Personal Shop” filled with clothes that I like and will fit.

AND the coolest thing, is that you can set it so that you don’t have to pick your size, there is an option for your size to get picked FOR you. No more guessing. And you cannot go wrong picking something from your shop, because they were picked KNOWING your measurements.

OH! And they have a “build your own jeans” option. And they have lots of cute jewelery and bags and such.

This is what I ordered. And the first order after creating your personal shop is 15% off!
Isn’t it cute?!

They also have really cute outfits. I really really like this outfit, the coral accents are so cute!

Go check it out, and tell me what you think!