Grace in Small Things: Single Edition, Vol. 2

I did this last week, and I liked it so here is the second installment.

Yep, still single.  (Can you imagine if I only got to do ONE installment of the single’s edition of GiST before finding myself a man?  WHAT A TRAVESTY that would have been.)  I feel like I have been a little low the past couple of weeks and I am finally back on the upswing.  It feels good.  I feel more like someone I like to be around, which makes it easier to, you know, BE alone.  It’s surprisingly less enjoyable to have alone time when you’re annoying the hell our of your self.  Fact.  Ok.  On to the list:

  • Revolutions are sexy.  Being single means that I get to throw a schindig on Valentines Day inspired by the lovely, bad ass Chelsea.  I was one of the lucky friends who got the original email, and it made me cry.  It also made me put into motion a new way for me and ALL of my lady friends to celebrate how fabulous we all are and the mentality of making OTHER people feel sexy and loved on had changed my mood drastically.  I sent this out the next day:
    • Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Want to go to Vegas with 99 bloggers in May?  Do it.  Want to jump into the process of getting self-hosted and making this blogging thing more real and important?  Go for it.  I don’t have to ask anyone for their permission to do the things that I want to.   I have a ton of amazing people I could ask, but if my gut says go, I get to just GO sometimes.  I am so much less wishy-washy with decisions than I ever have been before.  I am the driver of this life, and I know that this confidence and independence are going to be key to the success of my future relationships.
    • Speaking of future relationships, I had this realization a little bit ago:  Every single day I am single is another day I get stronger, more confident, and just… better.  I am figuring out more about myself ALL THE TIME.  If I met someone tomorrow, that would be GREAT, but if it doesn’t happen for another 6 months?  Another year?  WHATEVER the time frame life is going to deal me.  That’s more time for me to build a solid foundation here in this heart.  I am going to spend that time learning to love myself better– and my relationship will benefit from it in every way. 

    Alright, your turn.  What are YOU grateful for this week?  What’s made you stop and say “wow, my life is pretty awesome I should throw it a party involving a TON of champagne, glitter, and unicorns hula-hooping”?

    Grace in Small Things: Single Edition

    I am single.  I don’t know if you’ve heard that yet.


    And sometimes I gets me down. Fact.  That is NOT today though.  Today I am writing you to tell you that there are moments of SUCH AWESOME when you’re single.  Like Oprah “Ah-Hah” moments but usually involving wine and questionable morals.

    1.  Target Wine Cubes.

    This little beauty holds FOUR bottles of wine, and lasts for a month.  Say good-bye to the nights of not opening a bottle of wine because your concerned about having to finish a whole bottle alone, that’s a lot of wine my friend .  You don’t need to. You can dispense at your convenience AND it tastes great.  What more can you ask for?  This should be re-marketed as single girl wine.

    2. Movie Night.  

    Would you like to know what I’ve been watching on Netflix lately?  I will tell you… Friday Night Lights interspersed with romantic comedies interspersed with 19th Century Period Piece Featuring a Strong Female lead (Thanks for that label Netflix.)  I watch what I want.  I don’t have to compromise four viewings of Rocky or Blood Sport to watch “The November Issue”.  Chick flicks reign supreme in this house.  Single girl FTW.

    3. Dinner. 

    Want a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner?  DO IT.  Want a salad?  GO FOR IT.  You don’t have to consult anyone.  You don’t have to make anything to please anyone but you.  If you’re crazing mozzarella and tomatoes.. that’s dinner.  Fuck yeah being single.

    Seriously girls, we’re not going to be single long.  Have you MET us?  We’re bad ass women.  That’s fact.  We might as well look forward to some special single girl things while we can.  Be present in the season you are in.  It will make the next phase sweeter, promise.

    Happy Friday!