Dear Best Friend.

Whoa. I apparently got called out for my last post not having an update. My best friend says:

“After 5 days we get this? Pff- I’d say someone is getting in the way of your blogging.”

First of all, Erin, we talked yesterday. You know everything. Hahaha. Ok. Second of all, I do need to update the blog, I suppose, with something more substantial.

Last week, didn’t really feel like blogging. Or, I did, but there were things that I was working out that needed to be talked out or written out in my journal for just me. You know? I love blogging and getting feedback and support from ya’ll, but somethings are just not right to be posted on a public blog…. especially one my mom and grandma read (LOVE YOU!).

But ok.

I went and saw (500) Days of Summer last week with Terra. And I freaking loved it.
Ashley did a really great job of describing the movie in her post. The movie preview says that it’s not a love story. And they were and weren’t lying. The movie follows a relationship from beginning to end. And it does it creatively, beautifully, and well. And its not a surprise that they do not end up together at the end of the movie. But here’s the thing, I guess to me that doesn’t make it any less of a love story. Relationships are not any less of a love story if they end. You know? The parts at the end were hard to watch, parallels with my break-up with Ryan…. but just because Ryan and I didn’t make it, didn’t mean we didn’t love each other. And it doesn’t mean that what we had wasn’t a love story. It was. Anyhow. Loved the movie. Go see it. Then come back and tell me how you also now have a crush on Josephy Gordon-Levitt. Just saying.

Speaking of Ryan. Recently he had been texting and emailing a lot. Like every day. Emails and texts of little things that made him think of me I guess. But, it was getting a little much. A little confusing.. so Monday I told him that he needed to stop. He wasn’t trying to be mean. I am sure it makes him feel better about the way things ended to know that I am okay, and we are amicable…. but amicable does not mean friends. We can’t be friends. Definitely not now. Call me when we’re both married with children and I’d love to hear about your life… but that is just not an option right now. It’s to easy too miss him. And it was REALLY hard to tell him to stop, cause I know that he will. No more contact. It’s done. Sigh. The whole breaking up thing is REALLY hard, in case you were curious.

Last weekend I went and visited Spencer in Hollywood. It was the perfect weekend really. We didn’t make plans, aside from visiting Jimmie and Anthony, so we just got to be. We watched movies. We went shopping. We ate amazing pizza…. but mostly we drove around and he sang. I feel like the most vivid memory I will have of this summer is of us in his car driving with the windows down while he sings to the radio.
The whole Spencer thing is kind of crazy. Without any real idea of how things will end up, we just need each other right now. And for now, that’s all that matters.

Happy Friday!!!

I am leaving after work to go to Hollywood to visit Spencer.
We have plans to do NOTHING.
Just be.
Watch some horrible movies, and some good ones.
We’ve both been really busy lately, so I think a quiet weekend is EXACTLY what we need.

The only actual plans I have made are to see my favorite people in Hollywood,
Jimmie and Anthony.
You can read about how amazing they are here.
I seriously cannot wait.

Quote Love

This quote IS Spencer. Funny story. I have a thing for creative men. Like whoa. And I am dating the most creative man right now. And he is the reason I started writing back in high school. We dated for a year when I was 16, and I began to fill journals with things. (BTW remind me to tell you how he broke up with me back then. It is the WORST line ever.) Anyway, I filled pages with quotations that really GOT how I felt. There is so much power in having the words to adequately express yourself. And it was falling in love when I was 16 that pushed me to FIND THE WORDS. I was bursting at the seams with all these emotions I had never felt before! I needed to name them! Since then, I have filled dozens of journals with my thoughts, and with other people words. And now I am falling for him all over again, and its SO FREAKING COOL.

Passion is just not a negotiable character trait. And I love that Spencer feels the same way, because I don’t think life could ever be boring living that way. As I am rebuilding, redefining, etc post-horrendous break up, I know that having his voice in my ear telling me to find my passions and not to be afraid is the most amazing thing anyone could do for me right now. He is life altering.

Testing 1, 2, 3

From the desk of Spencer

Hello, I am not Brianna. How can you tell? I have yet to use an exclamation point. *winky face*

I asked Brianna if I could take over her blog for one post, without her permission. She gave me permission. So here I am.

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to this young woman and I must say that what ever amusement, and wonder, and sunshine, and glee that you’ve absorbed from this young woman’s posts is more than tripled when shared in closer company.

This woman is capable, and persistent, and friendly and strong. All the words you would want to use to describe a woman you would want to be president, with the exception of that ugly word: politician.

I gotta say that the things she’s gone through in the past, have not phased her good nature or spirit, and that is the sign of truly fantastic character. She has taken only knowledge, and NOT pain, from these situations, a skill only the craftiest of us are capable of.

Very recently she’s gone through a transitional period in her life. She’s done the whole heartbreak thing that always feels unique in its own special way. Its a feeling you refuse to believe anyone else has gone through, at least for a while. But she didn’t take this time to close her heart, no no no! That’s not this story ladies and gentlemen.

She dived right in to life, more than ever. That by no means mean she ignored her feelings. She let it affect her in the right ways (respectively) at the right times (respectively). It hurt just as much as any other, but wouldn’t you know it, she’s still as sweet as a cookie of YOUR favorite flavor: Brianna flavored!

Brianna is chalked full of chocolate chips but is not fattening at all.

Look, I am not in to the whole blog scene. I am kinda anti-social networks. Sorry, its nothing against you all, its just not my scene. I guess I just never found anyone interesting enough sounding “on paper”; in person is a different story. However, then there is Brianna, who is more interesting than anything printing on any paper, ever (except the Declaration of Independence, sorry Brianna, but freedom rocks my socks).

I don’t pick very fun pictures…

This probably sounds like the ramblings of some love stricken (fill in the blank), but the purpose I am trying to serve is to fill in any blanks you may have had as to an opinion about someone you know only so much about. People tend to (in my harshest experiences) put only what they want seen on the exterior. Social networks make that easier (again, nothing against the users of such things). For me, it seems unfair to have someone like Brianna pared down to so little per day, per month, per whatever, especially when its NOT any type of front.

But I am sure she is just one of your many blogs. One of the many lives you dip delicately in to. I respect that. I do. If anything, I am happy for you that you found this one. One of a young woman who is MORE than eager to live life, and share every quirky, funny story that pours out of it.

I doubt you’ll ever be having a bad day and see a negative post on this blog. I doubt you’ll ever see the day where she posts about not smiling. I doubt you’ll ever want to stop following her blog. And I KNOW that nothing can bring a precious soul like hers down.

Align Center
Make sure to wear sunscreen when reading her blogs

So to you readers/bloggers/commenters/well wishers/romantics/dreamers/believers/lovers of life, you’ve found a soul mate in this young woman. Enjoy it! Share it! And hopefully a piece of her will make you smile, laugh, and love if even for a second.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. She told me not to make this post boring. Did I win?

Pretty Dresses!!!

Ok. I am totally late to get on the Pushing Daisies train. The series is freaking OVER, and I am just starting to watch it! Spencer suggested I watch it, and I freaking LOVE it. Love. It.

Now. Obviously, the story itself is amazing. It’s a love story…. that’s has some twists. But at it’s core it is the MOST genuine and innocent love story ever.
Anyhow, this post is less about the story and the love in the show and MORE about the freaking cute clothes Charlotte (Chuck) wears. So. in honor of Friday; here is some of her beautifuly dresses.

And, for Spencer, he loves the outfits Ned wears. Cute, n’est-ce pas? BTW, I have decided that in a million years, when I get married… yellow daisies. Everywhere.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. My aunt and cousins are visiting from Georgia, so I’m spending the weekend at family barbeque’s and in Santa Cruz. But first, tonight is girl-cousin sleep over!!!! Yay!

Weekend Recap.

  • Drove to Hollywood. Slowly.
  • Was told when I arrived, I wasn’t allowed to talk. It was worth it.
  • Drank Lambrusco. Laughed. Talked. Watched Ghostworld.
  • Ate hamburgers and pet a kitten.
  • Sang Lily Allen songs.
  • Laughed at Spencer singing Lily Allen songs in his British accent.
  • Played Guitar Hero World Tour. Sucked at drums– which is kind of funny.
  • Saw Spencer’s mom (after 7 years) and met his cousin.
  • Played games and laughed.
  • Stayed up extra late every night to just be with Spencer.
  • Watched Spencer’s face light up.
  • Walked around Hollywood. Saw Michael Jackson’s star… and Rod Serling’s.
  • Had Pinkberry for the first time… should have had original.
  • Was really happy.
  • Ate at Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.
  • Watched the Twilight Zone and tried to not look at the clock or think about how I had to leave.
  • Didn’t want to leave.
  • So I stayed longer.
  • Finally forced to leave.
  • Drove 5 hours home, fighting my sleepy eyes.
  • Cleaned up the mess Oliver made in my apartment (He get’s REALLY mad when he’s left alone)
  • Slept four hours.
  • Now I’m at work!

I am so freaking tired. I don’t think I slept more than one night’s worth of sleep the whole weekend. But it was totally worth it. I’d do it again. I’d do it this weekend.

In unrelated news… do any of you play Sims3? Cause I found these HILARIOUS videos on YouTube. You should watch it, and laugh.

What if the hokey pokey IS what it’s all about?

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I have to get back into the routine of regularly posting. I feel so disconnected!!

Good Morning! So, let’s see. I have been great. Adjusting, living, laughing, etc.

I went to the Junior League open house last week, and it was AMAZING. I think that there are chapters that are more “traditional”. And by traditional, I mean that most of the women in the league would be not working outside the home. I like to call them “Women Who Lunch”. And obviously there is nothing wrong with that, it is just not me. But here in the bay area, with things SO expensive…. most women do work. And not just work, they’re damn successful. For example, I talked with one woman, who was just super cute– and she has a 2-year old son, and is married to a doctor. Well, she’s also a doctor. An oncologist and an extremely prestigious hospital here, actually. The entire event was just an affirmation of the amazing things women can do. Anyhow, I am really excited to get going and get active.

The most exciting person I met was Terra!! Go look at her photography blog… she’s incredibly talented! Not only in she talented, but she’s basically my soul mate. We hit it off right away and promptly decided we would be hanging out all the time :). So on Friday, we went to a wine bar, and had a champagne flight– which was amazing.
and then on Saturday night, we went to the greatest karaoke bar, ever. Like, so good, when we walked in Terra thought the radio was on and almost bumped into the guy who was singing. I had so much fun– drank a little too much…. but it was amazing.

I am so incredibly grateful to have found a friend here!!! And she’s HILARIOUS. We laughed like we had known each other for YEARS, right away.

In other news, next weekend, I am going to Hollywood for 4th of July to hang out with Spencer! I am way excited, it’s been super annoying to talk all the time and not see him. We are going to a fancy soiree on Saturday night, so I ordered THIS, it should be here tomorrow.
(Edited to add: This dress is from Banana Republic!!!)
Have a great Monday ya’ll!