After work today I am driving down to hang with my loves Jimmie and Anthony.  To say I’m excited is an understatement.

Whenever I’m about to visit, Jimmie calls and asks me “what i’m doing this weekend?” and I always make up something boring that I’m doing, “Just staying in I think, catching up on some reading.”  It’s our thing.  And it makes me ridiculously excited.

My car is all packed up and ready to go right after work, and seeing as Kyla is taking a road trip soon too, I thought I’d tell you about my preparation for today’s driving:

A balance between sweet, salty, and chocolate are key here. I always have a cracker of some type, past faves include Wisecrackers, Wheat Thins, or Goldfish.  For this trip, I went with the goldfish, cause his sunnies?  Totally LA.

Next, we have your candy.  I like a fruity option and a chocolate option.  I always always always have chocolate covered raisins and this trip I also got some sour patch watermelon things.

Just remember that while you’re driving, similar to when you’re in a movie theater, you don’t want to have to look at what you’re eating.. like Jelly Bellies. I love Jelly Bellies, but I don’t want to accidentally eat a buttered popcorn one while cruising down the 5, cause I will gag, swirve into the median, and die instantly.

Now, after you have sugar coated you’re teeth, you’ll probably want something less bad for you to munch on.  Maybe some nuts, maybe a stalk of celery if you’re crazy or maybe you should just pack some apples.  Apples are always good, and BONUS, they kind of brush your teeth a little bit when you eat them.  (True story, eating one after coffee lessens the staining potential)

I got my water.  A lot of it.  Hydration is KEY.

Sidenote: I bought this bottle with the full intention of finding a snarky sticker to cover up the running part, like “napping” or “puppies” or “muffins”… but now I actually like running.  C’est la vie.

Next, we have you’re energy drink du jour.  I know there are a lot of Red Bull fans out there, but I’m a Rockstar girl.  I have been since college, I will die with one of these suckers in my hand.

These are so important when you start getting sleepy!


  • I just got my little AUX jack thing, so I will be rocking out to my iPod WHILE CHARGING IT.
  • I have my free trial of my Sirius radio still, that’s going to be lovely.
  • My friend Paul lent me some lectures on CD from The Teaching Company. 30-minute lectures on the lives of famous people.  I’m kind of excited about this.  When I was driving to and from Irvine a lot, I would always head by the local library for a book on tape cd.  It’s free, and makes the hours in a car wizz by.

 Now it’s your turn.  What are your tried-and-true Road Trip tips?

Things I am loving this fall…..

I am loving the weather. Loving everything about it being cooler and dreary outside.

Here is my list of things that I am LOVING…..

  • Purple Nail Polish. Specifically OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

  • The show Modern Family. Have you seen this?? It’s freaking HILARIOUS. Like, seriously, funniest show I have seen in a really long time. Go watch it on Hulu. Thank me later.

  • Wearing all my sweaters! One of the girls in my office said “You always have the greatest cardigans!” THANKS!!!!!
  • Retreat time. I am going to be gone four nights in the next week. I am going to a retreat for church, and I am so freaking excited about it.

  • Then, next week I get to go to Asilomar for a retreat with work. It’s one of the biggest conferences for non-profits that do what we do, and I am really looking forward to networking and getting to hang out with my coworker friends!
  • I feel like coffee and tea taste better when it’s cold outside. I, therefore, have been drinking it constantly!

  • Oh!! Isn’t BED so much greater when it’s cold?! I have my quilt and my big ol’ comforter on my bed, so I get all bundled and cuddly every night, generally with a cat burrowed under the blankets too.

  • And finally, I watched “Away We Go” the other night, and fell in LOVE with the soundtrack. I love songs that are made better by cold weather. The Decemberists is one for sure. Alexi Murdoch is the majority of the soundtrack, and is just AMAZING:

Ok, now it’s your turn!! Audience participation time!! Click on over from your google reader, leave me a comment about what you are absolutely LOVING about Fall. Even if you don’t like fall and you’re mourning the loss of summer, it will be a good exercise it gratefulness for you!

We’ll Always have Paris…

Today, my bestie is heading to Europe with her BF for a little vacation. She has been over there a lot in the past few years, and when she does I am always reminded of our trip to Europe.

When we were 15, Erin’s mom took us to Europe for three weeks. (Brave, brave woman for taking two 15-year olds by herself) It was the first time I had been anywhere. And I can tell you honestly, it changed my life. I don’t think it’s possible to travel at that age and not be altered. We went to several countries, but the place that really changed me was Paris. Oh Paris. Every single thing you’ve heard about it is true. It’s the most beautiful, romantic, glorious place I have ever been.

Paris also happened to be the only day Erin and I were left to do whatever we wanted all day. It is my favorite day I have ever had, and I thought I would share the some of it with you.

I remember that we climbed up the Arc de Triomphe, and we navigated the metro. We were free to meander down the cobble stone streets and act like we weren’t tourists. And that was the best part.
For lunch that day, we had been parusing the Champs de Elysees, and stopped for a baguette and pastries from street vendors. And we walked down a street and by happenstance found ourselves in this amazing little garden of trees. It was completely shaded, dark and cool. With lots of little picnic benches strewn about.

We ate lunch under the trees in the shade. And I remember feeling really grown up, like I was getting a glimpse of what it was going to be like when we were older and got to become “grown up” best friends. I don’t remember what we talked about. Probably boys. We probably laughed a little to much, and a little to loudly. After lunch we walked into what we now know to be the main part of the Luxembourg Garden.

Coming from the shade into the garden was like when Dorothy went from black and white Kansas to technicolor Oz.

Parisian’s go to the garden to relax, pay pills, and read.
In the center of the garden there is a huge fountain with little toy sail boats you can push with sticks. You push it, and it floats around until it ultimately crashes into a wall. Our boat was yellow and was number 17. We kept trying to push the boat in the general direction of cute boys, so we’d have an excuse to run over to them, you know, to get the boat.
After lunch we went to the Louvre and wandered the galleries for hours. We went a lot of places that were really amazing that day, but it is the garden that Erin and I remember the most.

Erin has been back several times to Paris, but has never been back to the garden. She says that she always wants to remember the garden the way it was that day– and the way it remains in our memories. And I know that I would never ever want to go back either. It would assuredly lose some of its magic.

Have a wonderful trip Erin. I love you so much and I am so very very lucky to have you as my best friend. I can’t imagine sharing these kind of memories with anyone else.


Ah yes, the Notre Dame Cathedral. The first time I ever heard Erin curse.