My friend Nico did a kick ass vlog about secrets.  You should watch it.  Here, I will wait.

It’s a really interesting topic, especially with a group of people like bloggers.  We share a ton of our lives online, that’s how it works.  The best bloggers, in my opinion, are the ones who are open, honest, and real.

I’ve always sought to be super honest here but, for example, I know that every day my Grams reads my blog.  So, the chances of my writing about adult themed things… slim to none.  (You’re welcome Gramsy.)  Emotionally however, this is where I am the most honest.  I am more likely to write out that I am feeling manic and anxious here than talk about it with a friend over coffee.  I guess that’s why I write.

Here’s my vlog:

Totes Awesome (A Vlogging Project)

You know how sometimes someone says something perhaps jokingly but it catches on so quickly that before you know it it’s a reality and you kind of forget that it was a joke?

Enter the new project Totes Awesome Channel.  AshleyLindaAshleyNicole, and I are launching our own vlogging collaboration channel.

I started vlogging last August for VEDA.  I am not exaggerating when I say that doing VEDA changed my life.  Suddenly bloggers I followed became really, really dear friends… complete with a group of us spending New Years snuggled up in my cozy apartment.  Vlogging is the reason that I got this video tweeted at me the morning I got married:

I am excited to see where this goes, and what better time to start than the week after I get married, right?

Here’s my first video.. I’ll be posting every Tuesday.  Sometimes we’ll have themes and sometimes we wont.  I’m sure it will change and grow in a ton of ways as we get going, but we have to start somewhere!

We Blog, We Vlog & Kick Ass Penguins

The biggest influence on my blogging/internet life was the decision last August to participate in something called VEDA (Vlogging Every Day in August).  It was challenging and fun, and it is where some really fantastic friendships were forged.

#SFNYE would not have happened without VEDA.

Bloggers who Vlog.  (and drink gingerbread coffee)
Yesterday was the kick off for a new project, Nico is a genius BTW.  If you have any interest AT ALL in learning how to vlog and doing it with a super fantastic community check out the new We Blog, We Vlog website.  We will be posting sporadic topics to vlog about though the year AND it will be the place to get info on VEDA2011 this August. 
Here’s my video from yesterday and the link to my YouTube page if you’re the subscribing type. 

Video Wednesday.

The group of us that did VEDA really LOVED it.  A lot.  So, we’re working out the details about how we can keep going, details are coming soon but one thing we DO know is that we will be doing weekly videos.

Here is week 1, questions.  It’s a new YouTube account, so update your subscriptions accordingly.

A Very Special Birthday Celebration

It’s Ashley‘s birthday today!

If there is a person on this planet more deserving of a wonderful birthday it’s her.

She’s 100% kind and wonderful, thoughtful and hilarious.

She’s explosively adorable.

One of my favorite things about her is that she makes no apologies for who she is (or the music she likes).

She dances like no one is watching and inspires others to do the same.

So in honor of her birthday, we did.

Happy Birthday Soul Mate!

Editor: The amazingly wonderful Pham 
Dancing Done by: Pham, Nicole, Nora, Ian, and Me.

Side Note:  Vlogging will be back Wednesday.  And it’s question time!  SO, leave a question for me.  Anything.  Everyone should leave a question.  Even you.  YOU there.  Click through. Leave a question.  Go.

Wedding Month!

My best friend.  You know, this one.  She’s getting, with this ring, two weeks from Saturday!

I am so excited.

It’s been an onslaught of shopping and prepping for this month, and I’m not even the one GETTING married (Note to Future Husband: We’re eloping.  Love you).

This coming weekend we’re going to Vegas and we’re doing it right.  There will be excess, indulgence, and egregious amounts of alcohol, good food, and high heels.  We are staying in a penthouse suite at the Mirage… that’s insane.

This past weekend, my Grams took me into the city to look for the one dress I don’t have yet: rehearsal dinner.  And, I am IN love with it.

Isn’t it amazing?!
I’ve also been coordinating with my lovely date for the wedding about all the fun things we’re going to be doing.  Internetz meet my date.  His name is Lane.  He’s basically amazing.
Not just because he comes with a large selection of suits and other fancy pants, but he is going to let me drag him around the whole of San Diego the day after the wedding– and he fully knows it’s going to be vlogged about. 
Speaking of vlogging, I am doing VEDA this month.  VEDA is “Vlogging Every Day in August”, and it’s been so much fun.  You can check everyday on my youtube page (it’s up there on the right) or you can wait for me to post the weeks previous Vlogs every week…  or you could just not watch them.. but I don’t really understand why you’d chose that.  Just saying.  Here are the first four days of VEDA.