Tis the Season.

I am so sick of being sick.
My brain is fuzzy. Work is dragging. At lunch I went home and crawled into bed. When boyfriend woke me up from my nap, it took me a second to remember where I was or what I was doing.
I cannot type correctly. I just want to go home and watch me some House.
Can I just say, BTW, that I think House is one sexy sexy man. I can’t even explain it.
But between Edward and House, my evening has got to suck less than it does right now!

Top Ten Happy Stories of 2008

Posted on MSN.com

The envelope, please:
1: Fast-food worker returns $185,000 checkMcDonald’s employee returns check to bank after finding it on sidewalk

2: Kindness of strangers benefits tallest man8-foot-5 frame gives Ukrainian trouble, but bike, van, PC give joy, hope

3: 5th-grader points out mistake at Smithsonian11-year-old catches sign error that has rankled staffers for 27 years

4: Sports bra saves U.S. hiker trapped in AlpsStranded after fall, plucky climber attracts lumberjacks with undergarment

5: Nagging wife helps win $7.7 million lotteryYoung New Zealand couple says they’ve had a ‘rough’ couple of years

6: Woman returns $97,000 found in restroom75-year-old discovered money in a bag hanging from the stall door

7: Lost parrot tells veterinarian his addressAfrican grey parrot — missing two weeks — is returned to owners

8: Rover, call me an ambulance — dog calls 911The German shepherd remembered his training and saved his owner’s life

9: Dog’s bite saves boy and pals from house firePlucky pooch credited with waking teen as blaze begins to consume home

10: Message in a bottle is a real blast from the pastSeattle student’s school project comes full circle 21 years, 1,735 miles later